What We Do

GSS Computer Technology provides reliable ongoing computer services and support for your equipment and network systems.
  • We sell, install and service computer hardware including servers, desktops, laptops, portable devices, firewalls, routers, switches, printers and other equipment.

  • We sell and offer support-software for operating systems, office applications, document management, business collaboration, antivirus, email, data security, and data backup and recovery.
GSS Computer Technology What We Do
  • We design, install and support computer networks, ranging from workgroup environments for smaller businesses to Microsoft Server and Domain installations for larger businesses.  We upgrade or expand existing systems and software.

  • We offer several data backup and recovery options to help assure that your data is secure and that if the integrity of your data becomes compromised, it can be restored with minimal downtime.  We also offer network crisis management and disaster recovery.

  • We offer expanded broadband capacity services to improve the performance of your network, and we install network and phone cabling.
We educate and support individual users about new tools and services, at your location and remotely.  Our focus is on helping you run your computers and your business more effectively, with solutions that offer speed, ease of use, productivity, reliability, security and sensible cost.
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