Our business customer base includes professional service firms (law, accounting, insurance, medical, dental, architecture), construction and engineering, hospitals, government, retirement communities, churches and other nonprofits, food and beverage distribution, retail, warehousing, automotive, funeral service companies, and others.  

GSS Computer Technology Offers Different Options Based on Your Business Size

Companies with 5-25 computer users

We can expand your computer resources and act as your IT solutions provider.

Small business owners and their employees wear many hats, and chances are if you're here, you're wearing the computer network support hat.  Your time may be limited and your computer needs may be complex.  You might be at a point where the best plan would be to contract with an experienced dependable local computer support provider who can help solve your computer-related challenges and problems.
For over 30 years GSS has worked with small businesses just like yours.

Companies with 25-75 computer users

We can work with the IT resources you may already have and provide additional support, services or special projects help.

Mid-size organizations can be in a difficult situation with network support needs.  Is it cost-effective to hire more IT staff?  While your systems might be managed, your IT person may have no time left.  Hiring part-time IT might get a limited skill set and limited availability.  It can be expensive, distracting and possibly ineffective to have non-IT staff performing computer-support functions.

At GSS we have extensive experience in providing solutions to midsize businesses and we work with situations like yours every day.

Companies with 75+ computer users

Likely you have internal IT resources. If your technology needs are beginning to exceed the resources you have, or your budget, GSS has a perfect and comprehensive solution for you.GSS has many customers in your category who have larger-scale needs and operate from multiple locations.  In some cases we are their IT department and in others we just handle special-project or additional support needs.  

Either way, GSS can provide reliable computer and network support that business owners, IT staff, and non-IT staff can count on.

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