Q:    At what point should an office or company network its computers?
A:    Any company with more than one computer should use a network to share both the Internet and common files.  Networking is possible with as few as two PC's, and at its simplest level can be set up without a dedicated server, thus reducing costs.   In an office with more than a few computers, GSS recommends that networking using a server should be an essential part of a solution for sharing files and printers, sending and receiving email, assuring data security, providing for central data backup, and making the office more productive and efficient.

Q:    Does GSS work with Apple Computers and operating systems and with Linux operating systems?
A:    Most GSS customers use a Windows-based environment, but GSS does work in some environments with Apple and Linux systems.

Q:    Does GSS perform service work on portable computer devices such as laptops, tablets and smart phones?
A:    Yes.

Q:    Does GSS sell computers?
A:    GSS is not a retail store seller of computers, printers or other devices.  However, GSS does recommend, acquire and re-sell all types of equipment (both new and used) in its repair, support services and installations for business customers.  GSS also builds or re-builds servers and desktops for some situations.

Q:    Does GSS install and service computers and computer networks in people's homes?
A:    Small and midsize businesses are GSS's primary customers.  GSS does not provide in-home residential service; however, residential customers may bring computer devices including printers to the GSS Peters Creek Road office for drop-off service, which is provided on a first-come first-serve and best-possible-response-time basis.

Q:    My company has some computers still running Windows XP.  Should we upgrade everything to Windows 7 or Windows 8?
A:    Some computers do not have the technical capacity to properly run Windows 7 or 8.  But we recommend that if your systems are capable of running Windows 7 you should upgrade, since Windows 7 is more stable, secure and superior to Windows XP in many respects.  There is no rush to upgrade to Windows 8 since any compelling advantages of Windows 8 in office environments have not yet become clear.

Q:    What are the biggest computer network issues you see with GSS customers?  
A:    With our business customers they are: technology capabilities that have not kept pace with the company's needs; inefficient use of computer and network resources; inadequate data security and malware protection; and inadequate data backup and recovery systems.  With our walk-in customers, it is malware-infected operating systems.

Q:    Does GSS charge for an initial consultation with a business?

A:    There is no obligation for GSS to spend the time necessary to meet with you, get to know your business, and learn about your computer system needs.

Q:     Does GSS host web sites and email services?
A:    Web site and email hosting are not services GSS provides directly but GSS can configure these services for customers who have these capabilities in-house, or can assist with those who need web site and email hosting from outside resources.

Q:    Does GSS sell VOIP telephone services?

A:    GSS does not provide VOIP services directly but can assist in integrating VOIP into a network and in bringing in a GSS-recommended third-party VOIP provider.

Q:    If my company needs to have a full domain-based network environment using servers, will GSS set it all up and administer it for us?
A:    Network domain setup, administration, and server administration are assignments GSS routinely does for our business customers.
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