Backup & Recovery Solutions

Your company's most important information and operational applications are on a computer network.  

If you're a business owner and your answer is "no" to any of the questions below, contact GSS Computer Technology right away.

Is your company's vital computer data adequately protected?
Can you recover if it is lost or becomes inaccessible?
If you have a backup system, is it really effective?

A proper backup system is one of the most important aspects of a computer network.  It is vital that a company's digital assets be backed up regularly and effectively in case of disaster or disruption - lost files, hardware malfunction, fire, flood, destructive windstorm, damage by malware, human error, or theft - so you can be fully operational again with minimal downtime or long-term damage.  There also may be insurance, legal, or compliance requirements for your company that mean a sound data backup and recovery system must be in place.  

GSS Computer Technology can provide you with a reliable backup and recovery system.

At GSS, we understand how confusing some backup systems can be and how difficult regular backups are to perform, particularly in a smaller business where everyone is strapped for time and there may be no IT staff.  We also understand strengths and limitations of the various technical approaches and equipment available to do backups.  To properly back up your data and applications, we can help you implement the right software and hardware to provide dependable regular ongoing data backup, so you can reduce your risks.

GSS offers several backup and recovery solutions.

Backup Combo Backup Cloud Backup On-site
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