Network Security

Only a single security breach can create serious if not devastating problems for your business -- loss of sensitive, proprietary or high-value data, lost revenue, damage to reputation, with significant recovery costs.  Some companies go out of business as a result. GSS can help you prevent the worst, by providing your company with Firewalls, VPN, and Encryption. Firewalls and VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) restrict access to your network and data assets so only those users who you want to let in can access your network.  

Firewalls are hardware devices that act as the fence surrounding your network, controlling your in/out network traffic, making it protected against unwanted intruders.  Only authorized users and devices are allowed to access the network.

VPNs are an additional layer of protection that allows your authorized network users to access data and applications through a secure interface digital tunnel that cannot be intercepted on your network or over the Internet.  

Encryption scrambles your data in transfer and assures that only mutually-encrypted participants in your network, or on the outside, can participate.

For a network already equipped with the necessary hardware and software with these capabilities, GSS can evaluate, configure and assure your optimum security protection.  If you do not have the necessary hardware or software, GSS can help fill the gap.  

For maximum protection, GSS is an authorized reseller and installer of industry-leader eSoft business-class security appliances that perform all these functions for the networks of our business customers.

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