Broadband Services and Capacity Upgrades

Signs that a Capacity Upgrade May Be Needed Within Your Business

Many businesses using DSL or cable broadband network connections may discover that their connection speeds are inadequate to support their network needs.  Internet connection speed may decrease, emails may take a while to leave the outbox and transfers of important data may become slow. Your workflow may get hampered as the number of users on the network increases.  Businesses with multiple locations communicating between locations over the Internet especially can be negatively impacted.  Businesses with data backup systems that backup over the Internet to an off-site location or to the cloud, may find that backups take too long if on a slower- speed Internet connection.

The GSS Computer Technology Solution

GSS Computer Technology is a certified reseller of high-speed DSL and optical fiber broadband capacity through Lumos Networks, a leading Mid-Atlantic region telecommunications services provider.  GSS can evaluate whether your current connection is adequate and can provide and install a faster broadband connection to your business to help support your needs.

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