GSS offers hardware and software solutions through Virtualization, a technology which can offer many benefits to a computer network.

Storage Virtualization
Storage Virtualization involves consolidating physical data storage and backup resources from multiple network devices into what appears to be a single storage device.  This device contains an array of flexible high-speed hard drives, the size of which can remotely be expanded or contracted, and that is managed from a central console.  GSS deploys Storage Virtualization for some of its network support customers and in its backup and recovery systems.  GSS can install a virtualization device at your location that may potentially replace and improve data storage equipment you now have, with considerable speed, flexibility and cost advantages.

Server and Application Virtualization
Server and Application Virtualization is the consolidation of server resources, server functions, and program applications into a single device, reducing the complicated details of server management while increasing resource sharing and speed, with the capacity to expand resources without additional cost.  Before computer virtualization, servers would run one application per physical machine.  Whether the operating system, email, accounting, word processing, graphics program, payroll, customer database, CAD program, billing system, data storage... they all might be on different servers or otherwise executed on different machines.  With virtualization, applications including the operating system can be run on one specialized virtual server, eliminating the need for multiple servers and machines, with a reduction in administrative time, reduction in energy, and cost savings.

GSS provides customized on-site and off-site Storage and Server Virtualization to assist its customers in improving their network resources and functions, potentially reducing total operational cost.
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