Combination On-site & Off-site Backup

GSS Computer Technology's Premier Backup Solution

For businesses needing the highest level of backup and recovery assurance with the least involvement on your company's end, the greatest dependability and flexibility, most frequent backups, and fastest restore recovery time, we offer our complete GSS Managed Backup Service.  This complete system provides on-site backup at your location with replication of your company's data to our off-site location.  This system uses specialized backup and restore software and a superior storage technology.  

This technology, called a Storage Area Network (SAN), uses a hard-disk-array storage device installed at your location that is connected over the Internet to a duplicate device at GSS Computer Technology, so you have complete backups at all times at two locations.  Backups for your entire business are automatically performed to your on-site device and to the GSS off-site device at least every hour and can be every 15 minutes if needed.  Data is encrypted for security and backups are done at the raw data "block level", not just at the "file level", so any changes made to your company's files are fully reflected in backups throughout the day during the course of business, not just at the end of the business day as with some systems.  GSS monitors the status of your backups remotely to assure they are functioning properly and GSS can remotely perform any needed restores for you.
This type of system is the fastest, most complete, most dependable, most flexible, and has the least involvement by your staff.  Data backup and storage needs can be expanded or adjusted as needed without incurring additional equipment costs.  Your data is frequently, securely and automatically backed up at your location, and simultaneously securely encrypted and replicated off site at a facility operated by a company and people you know, at GSS.

Whatever your situation may be, GSS can help you find the data backup and recovery plan best suited to your budget and needs.
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