Cloud Backup Over Internet

Using a third-party data backup provider and their software, backups are performed on a scheduled basis over the Internet and stored on their data servers located elsewhere.  Your staff does not have to perform the backups and there may be cost advantages to this approach.

GSS is a certified reseller and installer of business-class cloud backup services provided through VaultLogix, an industry leader in remote data backup.  VaultLogix secure automated backup software and technology is among the best cloud backup available.  With the fully automated VaultLogix system, your data is encrypted and backed up in duplicate over the Internet to a secure Vaultlogix location. "Agentless" software (user intervention not required to do backups) is installed on one computer at your location, a backup schedule is set, and backups are done automatically and securely.  You receive regular email notices about your backup status.  GSS remotely monitors your backup status using the same software and can assist in data recovery and restoration when or if needed.

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